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Couples Partnering Preparation,
Counseling, and Psychotherapy

Couples Partnering Preparation,
Counseling, and Psychotherapy

Marrying has decreased over the past decade while cohabiting before or instead of marrying has increased. Research concludes that pre-marital counseling results in more marital satisfaction for both partners. Whether a couple is intending to marry or live together without marrying it can be very helpful for the partners to engage in preparatory counseling.

While the divorce rate also has decreased over the last decade, contemporary culture puts a lot of pressure on couples. Marriage wellness checks when things are going smoothly can strengthen the resilience of the couple while identifying the need for compromise in some areas. Counseling when problems arise can also build on resiliencies while helping the couple negotiate resolutions to problems, or facilitating a parting that is painful, but respectful.

We welcome couples of all ages, races, ethnicities, faiths or no faith, genders and sexual orientations.