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Cohabitation Counseling

Cohabitation Counseling

Our couples counselors welcome couples of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, faith or no faith, and sexual orientations.

Approximately 65% of Americans cohabitate with a romantic partner before or outside of marriage.

Research concludes that couples who have had pre-marital counseling later experience 30% greater marital satisfaction than other couples.

Many studies indicate the risk of a remarriage ending in divorce is higher than for a first marriage. It is clear, however, that couples entering a second or third marriage are more successful when they have processed the reasons a first marriage ended, including the role each member of the new couple played in their previous relationship.


Why Counseling Before Marriage,
Remarriage or Cohabitation?


Encourages clear, open, empathic, communication.


Relational strengths of the couple are identified and enhanced.

Potential conflicts

Areas of potential conflicts are identified, compromises discussed, negotiation modeled.


The expectations of each member of the couple are clarified and negotiated. From who does the laundry, to how holidays are spent, to having children or not, and more.

Deepened knowledge of self and other

Partners get to know each other more deeply and develop more empathy for themselves and each other.

Shared vision

The couple develops a shared vision of their relational roadmap, identifies ways to stay on track and steps to take when they hit inevitable potholes.

Topics Covered in Pre-Partnering Counseling


What job or career goals does each partner have? How does each prioritize their own work, and support the other’s work?


Are children desired, how many, when? How will childcare be shared? How does each partner conceptualize child raising?


How does each person express love, need, disappointment, hurt, anger, desire, respect, trust?


How are disagreements, conflicts, anger, approached, or resolved?


What does money mean to each partner, and how does each envision handing finances?


What does each partner expect the role of friends and relatives to be? What kind of boundaries does each want?


What role does each want religion/spirituality to play in the relationship?


What does sex mean to each partner? How would each define a good sex life?


What values and life principles are sacred to each partner? Are they shared?

Presby Psych also offers couples counseling.

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Our Pre-Partnering Counseling Team

Perry Griffin, M.Ed., LCMHC, NCC
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor,
Director of Training
Daniel Miles, M.Div., MA, LCMHC
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor