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Therapeutic Philosophy

Therapeutic Philosophy

Human beings are not their diagnoses

A diagnosis is a label that does not capture the history and essence of any individual, couple, or family.  No one is borderline, an addict, or a depressive. Rather, these terms are labels applied to unique human beings who have developed conditions or coping mechanisms that are impediments to a full life. We do not ask, “What’s wrong with you?” We ask, “What happened to you to bring you here?”

Human beings are resilient

Individuals, couples, and families all have resiliencies that have supported them despite their struggles. We assist our clients in identifying and building on their own strengths and resiliencies as together we address pain, past trauma, confusion, or life challenges they face.

Human beings can grow

We believe there is an innate human yearning to grow; to transcend wounds and challenges.  We are committed to facilitating that growth.

Counseling and psychotherapy are relational

The therapeutic process unfolds through the relationship between client and clinician. Counseling and psychotherapy are most successful when the co-created verbal and non-verbal therapeutic relationship enables clients to live their lives with more freedom, flexibility, a wider range of emotions, and enhanced relationships with others.

There’s no rush

It is important to face crises and to relieve symptoms, but deep and sustainable growth takes time. We remain in a therapeutic relationship with an individual, couple, or family as long, but no longer, as it takes for them to feel confident in their healing and growth.


Four Core

We Are Accessible.
We Are Accessible.

We make our services as accessible as possible by accepting insurance, offering income-based sliding scale fees, and providing income-based low-cost treatment.

We Are Integrative.
We Are Integrative.

Our group is deeply committed to encountering each client and each other as mind, body, spirit, and as embedded in a particular culture. We also believe that the body and mind react to one another. We often consult with medical professionals and others like occupational, physical, or speech therapists also working with a client.

We Keep Learning.
We Keep Learning.

Our field changes as much as any other in this fast-paced world and we have a responsibility to keep up.  We are unique in meeting for two hours each week to engage in continuing education and to share our clinical work with senior consultants.

We Are a Non-Profit.
We Are a Non-Profit.

We are committed to making a difference, not a profit.  For our clients, our staff, and the wider community.

We at Presby Psych are conscious that recent Supreme Court decisions, including the overturning of Roe v. Wade, have raised fears among many Americans about the protection of women’s rights and the rights of other historically marginalized groups and communities. Our clinicians recognize and share your concerns. We are here to help, support, and advocate for you. We strongly uphold the right to privacy for every citizen in all medical, gender identification and sexual orientation matters.