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New Clients

New Clients

Coming to therapy for the first time, or coming to a new therapist, can be a little scary and confusing. We want to ease the process as much as possible.

When you make your first call to us at 704-554-9900, we will take some information over the phone. If you request a specific therapist, you will hear from them within 48 hours in most cases. If you do not have a preference, we will ask one of our therapists to call you within 48 hours. We will make that assignment based on the reasons you are coming to therapy, your geographic area, and the availability of a therapist.

Once you have made an appointment, we would appreciate it if you would complete our HIPAA-compliant online forms before you come in. If you forget, we will ask you to do this paperwork before or after that first session. This may seem like a lot of paper at first, but it is for your benefit and security that we ask for it. If you have any questions about the forms, you may contact our office at 704-554-9900. Thank you and we look forward to working with you at Presby Psych.

Presby Psych is committed to the safety and good health of our clinicians, staff, and clients.

All our clinicians and on-site staff have been fully vaccinated and will produce their vaccination cards if requested. We also have installed an ionic filter in our HVAC system.

We are asking you to help us provide the safest environment possible by submitting the following documentation that is included in new client paperwork or, for current clients, in a separate section below.

This documentation must be uploaded and submitted prior to the first in-person session in order to be admitted to our offices.

New and Current Clients Over 12 Years Old
Vaccination Status:  We will not see in person anyone twelve years old or older who has not submitted a copy of a vaccination card showing that they are two weeks past full vaccination.

COVID Informed Consent: There is a specific informed consent regarding COVID policies in all new client paperwork packets and in the separate section below for current clients returning to in-person sessions.

New and Current Clients Younger than 12 years old
If a child will be seen in person, there are protocols that are included in the informed consent listed for children under 12. Please complete the relevant form and return it prior to your child being seen in person.

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