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Adult Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis


Psychotherapy is a craft combining scientific principles and techniques with artisanship. No two therapeutic journeys are alike; rather, they reflect the unique interactions of the individuals involved in the process. Whether the therapeutic journey is brief or extensive, its success depends on both the science and the art coming alive and becoming meaningful in the consultation room. By entering into a relationship of trust and respect, the client’s human experience is opened to “more”: more life, more love, more thought, more reflection, more feeling, more choice, more fun.

Psychotherapy: is provided for the full range of challenges to the integrated, healthy functioning of body, mind, spirit and soul.

Psychoanalysis: involves two or three weekly meetings devoted to deep exploration of conscious and unconscious experiences, feelings, memories, thoughts, and relational patterns that affect the client’s life.

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Post-Acute Recovery

Alcohol and substance abuse are soul-searing conditions that can tear at every aspect of an individual’s life. Putting the pieces back together after the acute phase of recovery is a journey we can share with clients. Whether struggling with your own or a loved one’s substance abuse or addiction, the empathic, nonjudgmental support and skill of a licensed clinician can be instrumental to healing. By using an integrated approach, and through the exploration of biological, psychological, and social components, we focus on the individual needs of each client, providing counseling that includes: diagnostic evaluation, treatment planning, psychoeducation, building motivation for change, the development and facilitation of healthy coping skills, identification of triggers, exploration of family and other relational dynamics, addressing co-existing psychological and emotional concerns, recovery maintenance, and connection to additional resources as needed. Above all, we listen abundantly and walk with clients or their families through the sometimes turbulent and always challenging journey to grow into a new human experience of sobriety.

Career Counseling and Personal Coaching

Career satisfaction and vocational health are integral factors in overall wellbeing. Careers tend to change more often than in the past and are less secure than in previous generations. We can help with the fears, uncertainties, and challenges in selecting a career or job, changing careers, or coping with difficult workplace environments. We will assess your skills and preferences, help identify potential career fit, and coach you through the process of filling the vocational part of your life with something that is right for you.

Children, Adolescents, Parents & Families

Stressors of childhood affect children, parents, and families, alike. We address the needs of children by focusing on developmental and learning issues; family concerns and losses; parental pressures; worries about school, friends, drugs, social media, and sex; and fear of missing expected milestones.

Our Child and Adolescent clinicians are skilled in working with toddlers, pre-schoolers, elementary school children, middle schoolers, adolescents, and young adults, as well as with parents and families when that is integral to the child’s care. We have specialties in working with children and families coping with ADHD or with children located on the autism spectrum.

We offer:

Couples Counseling

Healthy relationships contribute to general health. Attending to current coupling conditions is as important as any regularly-scheduled health maintenance, but we can take this for granted. Our Couples therapists help clients who are seeking more joy, understanding, friendship, romance, and fun in their relationships. Our therapists address challenges in coupledom by promoting authentic conversations, regular wellness checks, and counseling when problems arise. We also foster a supportive environment for divorcing well, when necessary, and addressing issues related to recoupling. We welcome couples of all genders and sexual orientations.

We provide:

Eating Disorders, Emotional Eating, Bariatric Wellness & Support

At least 30 million people of all ages and genders suffer from eating disorders, and even more eat to cope with a variety of emotions. These struggles and behaviors affect not only the individuals, but also the overall functioning of couples and families. The emotions, self-images, and psychological processes underlying eating disorders and emotional eating are complex and require the care of professionals specializing in these areas. Our specialist, Charryse Johnson, MA, LPC, NCC, has extensive experience in this area and can help work with individuals, couples, and families coping with:

Spiritually Integrative Psychotherapy & Pastoral Counseling

Spirituality is hard-wired into the human experience. Spiritually Integrative Psychotherapy recognizes this and offers a deep understanding of a client’s relationship to that which is sacred to him or her, regardless of any particular faith tradition or practice. Spiritually Integrative therapists are able to converse with the client about the ways spirituality promotes life-giving healing and growth or serves life-limiting habits and beliefs. Exploring a client’s spiritual values, including beliefs and expectations about meaning, purpose, and connectedness complements other therapeutic approaches to enhance the therapeutic process.

Trauma Recovery and First Responders Therapy

The human experience too often exposes an individual to body, mind, and spirit-splitting traumatic events. Trauma-related symptoms develop from experiences of domestic violence, sexual assault or rape, persistent psychological or verbal abuse, the loss of a child, or other catastrophic tragedy.

Trauma-informed Psychotherapy is instrumental in helping trauma survivors heal. Together with the clinician, the unspeakable can be spoken perhaps for the first time, and the unbearable borne within the therapeutic relationship. Resilience and post-traumatic growth result in awakened dreams, joys, and new perspectives on life.

First Responders – police officers, trauma doctors, nurses, paramedics, fire fighters, and others whose jobs are to respond to every kind of medical and psychological trauma – often have distressing reactions to the trauma they witness. We work with these professionals to process their experiences and to develop coping strategies and techniques for self-care and resilience.

Our trauma-informed clinicians, led by a nationally recognized trauma expert, accompany First Responders and trauma survivors who have experienced, witnessed, or supported victims of: