We are providing teletherapy during the COVID-19 restrictions and would be pleased to welcome new clients. Please call 704-554-9900 for more information.


Presby Psych’s Therapeutic Philosophy

1. Human beings are not their diagnoses.  A diagnosis is a label and human beings are not their diagnoses.  Our clinicians engage with unique individuals, couples and families.  We develop formulations that include the body, mind, spirit, and cultural milieu of everyone with whom we engage.  We consider a client’s developmental history – including any Adverse Childhood Experiences – their work life, relational life, hobbies, spirituality, physical health, and more in order to provide the unique therapeutic experience that will help them grow and become.

2. Human beings are resilient.  Every human being has areas of strength and resilience.  We identify those aspects of our clients and build on them as we also address pain, past trauma, confusion, or life challenges.

3. Human beings can grow.  We believe there is an innate human yearning to grow; to transcend wounds and challenges.  We are committed to facilitating that growth.

4. Psychotherapy is a kind a dance.  The words – the language – of therapy are the lyrics of the work.  They are backed by the rhythm that develops between therapist and client.  Rhythm and words together become a dance co-created between the therapeutic partners.  Sometimes they tango, sometimes hip hop, sometimes arabesque, sometimes sway to a mournful baroque.  The work, when it works, enables the client to more fully enter into the dance of life with flexible steps, a range of movements, and the language of meaning and hope.

5.  There’s no rush.  It is important to face crises and to relieve symptoms, but the growth part of therapy takes time and we are prepared to work with clients as long as it takes for them to reach the life they are aiming for.  Therapy should last as long and no longer than it has to for individuals, couples, and families to feel confident in their growth and functioning.

Four Core Commitments

We are Accessible.  We make our services as accessible as possible by accepting insurance, offering income-based sliding scale fees, and providing income-based low-cost treatment.

We are Integrative.  Our group is deeply committed to encountering each client and each other as mind, body, spirit, and as embedded in a particular culture.  We engage clinically with unique human beings to help them grow, not just to alleviate symptoms.

We Keep Learning.  Our field changes as much as any other in this fast-paced world and we have a responsibility to keep up.  We are unique in meeting for 90 minutes each week to engage in continuing education and to share our clinical work with senior consultants.

We are a Non-Profit.  We are committed to making a difference, not a profit.  For our clients, our staff, and the wider community.  We take our skills into the community to touch people who may never cross our threshold.