Presbyterian Psychological Services is an interdisciplinary mental health resource dedicated to exploring and understanding the human experiences of our clients and of each other.

We are deeply committed to inclusiveness, and we welcome individuals, couples and families of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, faiths or no faith, and sexual orientations.

We respect the courage and persistence it requires to recognize that help is needed, to reach out for that help, and to stick with the process when it is tempting to return to the familiar, even when that is painful or ineffective.

We honor the resilience and strengths of our clients, and we believe that the healing processes in which we engage with clients are inherently relational. Exploration, healing, growth, and ultimate thriving unfold in the context of a unique relationship formed between the client and the therapist. Mutual trust and respect need time to grow, and we make that time.

We are champions for emotional wellbeing, committed to strengthening the community we serve. We regard the counseling process as sacred work. We are dedicated to the human experience.

Four key characteristics position Presby Psych as a unique mental health resource:

We are Non-Profit: Presby Psych is devoted to making a difference, not a profit. We invest in our clients, our staff, and the wider community.  We make our services as accessible as possible by accepting many major insurance plans and by offering sliding-scale fees based on income to those who are uninsured or have insurance plans we do not accept. We also take our skills into the community to touch the lives of people who may never cross our threshold.

We are Interdisciplinary: Presby Psych therapists are drawn from across the mental health disciplines and specialties.  Our focus on hope, health, and healing is enhanced by the variety of perspectives and skills offered by our diverse staff. When it is appropriate, we can provide separate, but coordinated care for couples, children, and families.

We are Integrative: Presby Psych is deeply committed to encountering each client as mind, body, spirit, and as embedded in a particular culture.  We have staff who have studied somatic experiencing and other staff who have developed a passion for spiritually integrative therapy. We strive to understand the impact of cultural history on suffering, beliefs, and behaviors.  And, of course, we all work with the conscious minds and the unconscious strivings of our clients and ourselves.

We Keep Learning: Presby Psych therapists are bonded by a deep desire to be generative and to always keep learning.  Our entire staff meets weekly to engage in continuing education and to connect with senior consultants regarding improving client care and overall wellbeing.  We stay curious and open to current advancements in our field, focusing on such topics as new neuroscientific understandings of trauma, contemporary developments in addiction treatments, and research on psychiatric medications.